Omg! Bikini Kill im Juni in Berlin und Hamburg!

Diana Muzmicdancer
OMG! BIKINI KILL playing on the 11th of june in berlin (&10th in hamburg)!
so exited. 37 euro at koka 36, its a bit cheaper there then at eventim, and you support your local ticketdealer then.
…so kathleen hannah and gang ….  better not cancel that date .
reviews from their london concerts:
“Riot grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill: ‘We’re back. It’s intense’ Their songs excoriated rape culture, their motto was ‘girls to the front’ – and they inspired Nirvana’s biggest hit. Now Bikini Kill are back with a mission still relevant”: 
The Guardian:
“Won’t fit your definitions
Won’t fit into your dumb plan
Not in to win the majority
Won’t meet your demands”
(Bikini Kill)
Bikini Kill Medley / Los Angeles (Februar 2019)
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